West Wisconsin Dressage Association Minutes


Members present: Denise Horstman, Angie Hutter, Karen Lee, Amy Schlieve, Pam Powers

Call to order 7:33 p.m, by Pres. Denise Horstman

Move to approve the minutes: Lee/Horstman. Passes unan.

Treasurer’s report from Schlieve. Virtual show total income was $134.20. Total income to date is $501.94. Lee/Hutter Passes unan.

Report on the online store from Schlieve. One original order for three shirts. Amy will contact the store tomorrow to find out why there is a need for 12 shirts before an order is fulfilled. She will let the other members know what is going on. There may be a need to change vendors.

Web site. Horstman reported went on ipage. Can’t really do anything until transfer your domain name. Powers moves that the club move webpage to ipage as of Jan. 1. Horstman second. Passes unan.

Year end awards: Will do year end awards. Applications are due tentatively by Tuesday, Nov. 17. Applications are available on the website. This would also be the election of officers and board members.

Memberships for next year  are due Tuesday, Nov. 17.  Membership fees are $40 for adults and $25 for supporting memberships. There is a late fee if paid after Nov. 17.

Year end annual meeting is scheduled at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 28. It is a virtual party. 

Move to adjourn 8:47 p.m. Powers/Schlieve.