Minutes from the February 3, 2018, fundraising committee, education committee and board of directors at Connie Balow’s home.

In attendance: Karen Lee, Monica Berrier, Amy Schlieve, Connie Balow, Angie Hutter, Pam Powers, LeAnn Ralph, Connor Cook, Lucy Lammer, Kris Hansen, Rebecca Dennis, Liz Fagen and Kathy Edwards.

Fundraising committee called to order by Karen

A motion by Karen and  seconded by Connie to elect Lucy as the chair.

Current committee members are Lucy, Connie and Amy.

The first fundraiser is a flower sale by Gerten’s from the cities. Lucy has been doing this fundraiser for about 10 years with the pony club. She has it set to profit about 30-35% for the club. We would start selling the high quality flowers now until March 31st. The money should be collected when the order is placed. The flowers would be delivered by a big truck to Lucy’s place on May 5th. Then we have to sort out all the flowers by the individual orders. This idea would have to be brought to the board of directors for approval. Pam’s concern is burning out the club members.

Kris asked what is the goal for fundraising. We raise about $1,600 from the schooling shows that we use the money to subsidy the clinics and club expenses for the year.

The prices of the food stand at the schooling show should be even amounts only, no quarters.

The meeting was adjourned by Angie and seconded by Connie.

Education committee called to order by Angie.

A motion by Karen and seconded by Pam to have Angie as the chair.

Currently committee members are Angie and Karen.

Some of the items that the education committee is going to look into is barn owners to volunteer to use their facility for a tax donation, riders dropping out of the clinic at the last minute and auditing fee confusion.

For clinicians we are looking at Shelly Riechert and Jayne Ayers. Shelly does a lot of showing with 192 points on Centerline scores for Grand Prix and would be ok teaching western dressage but not sure how many riders she would have in a day. She would be about $75/ride with a $25 subsidy. Jayne is part of the L-program and she is explains clearly at each level on what is expected for classic dressage training.

Leinjte may come over in July but she only gives one month notice.

We have some mini clinics set up with Michelle and Karen who already volunteered. They are 30 minutes each with 6 people in an afternoon.

Angie has looked at some of the USDF eduction programs that could be done at a winter meeting, but picked up some interesting pieces since they are long presentations.

The last idea was to have an activity with or without horses, maybe pair up inexperienced horse and riders with those who have a little more experience.

A motion adjourn was made  by Karen and seconded by Connie. Motion carried.

Board meeting was called to order by Connie.


President: no report

Vice President: Angie had a list of the current members, 19 adults with 4 junior members.

Secretary: no report

Treasurer: We have $1,365.88 in checking and $2,645.67 in savings with a net worth of $4,011.55.  A motion to approve the report was made by Pam and seconded by Angie. Motion carried.

Fundraising committee: A motion from Karen and seconded by Angie to hold the flower fundraiser from Gertens with 30% profit. Lucy volunteered to pick up the flowers since Gerten’s charges a fee for delivery. Pam abstained. A motion by Pam and seconded by Karen for Amy to make the decision to change the food prices at the schooling show. Motion carried.

Education committee: Karen is going to set up a clinic with Jayne Ayers who is an S judge but she is not for the advanced horses. She would teach 8 riders each day for $140/ride with $25 subsidy to have the lesson total be $115/ride. Also, she might want to do a theory session with a Grand Prix demo and that could be a separate price. Shelly charges less and could do 10 riders each day. Pam made a motion to hold what the board decided last year to have Jayne come for the weekend of 6/30-7/1 if Markquart’s farm is available. Karen seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business: Auditing for future clinics. Lucy mentioned that the microphone wasn’t working so the people watching would not gain any information so should not be asked to pay. She thought you could charge an auditing fee if you had a really good microphone and learn a lot of information with every ride. She also thought there should be one free audit individual with every rider. Pam made a motion to have the education committee to look into this issue and it was seconded by Monica. Motion carried.

New Business: no report

The schooling show for May is having Liz Lamm judge and we are still working on a judge for July. The western dressage members would like to have a sanctioned judge and have the club pay a $35 application fee. Not sure if we can find a judge for our budget.

The next meeting is March 24th at 1:00 pm for fund raising, 1:30 for education and 2:00 for the board meeting at Hay River Equestrian.

The meeting was motioned to close by Karen and Monica seconded. Motion carried.


Please Note: There will be 2 meetings on Saturday, February 3 — Education Committee, followed by the Board of Directors meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend both meetings.

WWDA Education Committee

Feb. 3 1 p.m.

Connie Balow’s home

Address: N6771 530th Street; Menomonie WI 54751

  1. Call to Order
  2. Election of chair, committee members
  3. Events for 2018 year/ideas for the year.clinic’s 1-2 in 2018. English and western dressage.non-riding learning information at meetings 1-2Fun days with horses mounted and/or non-mounted games/learning 1-2. Perhaps individual horse/rider team or mentor/assistant with more experienced rider assisting a beginning and/or lower level rider and horse.

    free/discounted lesson’s from local trainer’s: standard (English) and Western Dressage.

    Any other ideas club member have for education this year.

  4. Set future meeting date(s)
  5. Adjourn


West Wisconsin Dressage Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018, 1:00 p.m.

Connie Balow’s house, N6771 530th St., Menomonie, WI

– Call to Order

– Reports:

– President

– Vice President

– Treasurer

– Secretary

– Fundraising Committee

– Education Committee

– Old Business:

– New Business:

– Schooling shows:

May 6th and July 22nd

– Education

– Other events/activities for the year

– Set next meeting date

– Adjourn

Please note we will also have lunch. There will be plenty of vegetable soup available and if

you want to bring a dish to pass, please do.