Minutes from the March 24th board of directors at Hay River Equestrian.

In attendance: Karen Lee, Monica Berrier, Amy Schlieve, Connie Balow, Angie Hutter, Pam Powers, LeAnn Ralph and Lucy Lammer.

Board meeting was called to order by Connie.

Approval of minutes from last meetings: Novermber 2nd meeting minutes was not approved at the last meeeting. Karen made a motion to have the minutes amended for the change in time of the meeting and that Amy was not appointed as show manager. Monica seconded the motion. A motion to approve the February meeting minutes was made by Angie and seconded by LeAnn and approved.

Fundraising committee: Our first flower sales were turned in by the members and Lucy estimated our profits at $900 with the sales that the club did. The flowers will come in May 5th between 1 and 5 pm at Lucy’s place and then members can pick them up until Tuesday at 5 pm as long as they have been paid for. Members can let their customers know that 35% of the product is a donation to the club. Connie has volunteered to help Lucy sort out the flowers for each member. Pam wants to have the flower sale assessed to see if people liked it or not.

Education committee:  Pam made a motion that the appointment of a clinic coordinator be moved up on the agenda. The motion was seconded by LeAnn, and the motion was approved. Angie made a motion to appoint Karen as the clinic coordinator. This was seconded by Monica. The motion was approved. For the last five years, the club has tried to have affortable clinics.

  • Shelly Reinhart is coming the last weekend in April and she is cheaper then Jayne Ayers. The base fees are set on mileage, hotel stay and fixed expenses. She is going to be about $110/ride and is good with any level. Shelly is going to be coming four times this year to Hay River and it is going to be a private clinic.
  • Jayne Ayers who is a S judge is coming June 30 and July 1. She is going to be about $200/ride with $800 subsidy. Monica has ridden with her in the beginning of her dressage riding and liked her.
  • Leinjte Schueler is going to be about $200/ride but WWDA will only get a month notice since she is coming from Germany, possibility in July. Michelle Markquart helps out with her lodging and meals. She would teach eight riders per day.
  • Pam made a motion to not subsidize for the first clinic with Shelly and Angie seconded. The motion was approved.
  • The agenda for the next committee meeting: buddy up with experienced and inexperienced riders and horses, USDF presentations at some of the meetings and meet at a horse expo. Also, there is a lunging over obstacles at Lucy’s farm on June 8 through 10th. She doesn’t charge an auditing or trailering fee.


President: no report

Vice President: Currently we have 22 adults with 4 junior members.

Treasurer: We have $1,481.34 in checking and $2,646.99 in savings with a net worth of $4,128.23.  Karen made a partial payment for the web page since we don’t have a webmaster and new member dues not included. A motion to approve the report was made by Angie and seconded by LeAnn. Motion approved.

Schooling Show: Karen made a motion to appoint Amy as the show manager and Pam seconded. The motion was approved.

  • There was discussion on food option changes and if we should continue the food stand since it doesn’t make a lot of money. Angie feels strongly about keeping the food stand open since it is one of the perks of our show. It was decided to have the food stand set up with “on your honor” but have two people during the lunch time of 11 to 1 pm. We will have a menu with the suggested prices and arranged so the food is accessible to the people. There is a need for the coolers with ice to come at the beginning of the day so pop can be chilled.
  • Amy set up a volunteer list of help and food donations. Some items to add is bring toilet paper and have a grounds manager for which Angie volunteered.
  • The test of choice for eventing dressage will be added to the show bill but the riders need to send two copies of the test with their entry.
  • There were questions about obtaining cheaper ribbon options and to have a tent set up for check in.

Old Business: Kristin Zuzek has expressed an interest in the webmaster. The motion to have LeAnn be the webmaster until June was made by Pam and Angie seconded. Motion approved.

  • Monica is needing to go to the bank and be added as a second signature for larger checks or if Karen isn’t available.

New Business:  There are some changes that need to be made to the bylaws and clinic/rider policy which those proposed changes need to be in writing prior to the next meeting. The education committee needs to take up the changes before the next board of directors meetig.

  • Lucy and LeAnn were added to the education committee.
  • The next education committee meeting is April 14th at Hay River at 1 pm.
  • Monica was added to the fundraising committee.

The next board of directors meeting is June 3rd at 1:00 at Monica’s house.

The meeting was motioned to close by Karen and LeAnn seconded. Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Schlieve