3/8/20 Meeting Notes


Attendees: Denise Horstman, Karen Lee, Pam Powers, Amy Schlieve, Rachel Nale

Meeting called to order at 12 Noon by Denise Horstman.

Secretary’s Report: Amy Schlieve motioned to approve minutes fom last meeting, Pam Powers seconded motion, approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: We currently have $3,000.64 in checking and $2,684.54 in savings, for a total of $5,684.54 on hand.

Website hosting fees have increased, still looking to change hosting companies.

We have added 2 new members. We currently have 13 members.

Ribbons have been ordered for the virtual show and the schooling show.

Karen Lee motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report, Rachel Nale seconded, passed unanimously.

Old Business: Denise Horstman will be added as an administrator for our website.

Karen Lee motioned to pick a t-shirt, baseball cap, polo shirt and sweatshirt for our first items in the WWDA Logo apparel online store. Pam Powers seconded motioned, approved unanimously.

Amy Schlieve has drafted a showbill for the Sept 12-13th schooling show. Judge: Nenna Denman (R) will judge both the English and the western dressage.

The show bill for the virtual show is ready and will be added to our website soon. Judge: Megan Dischler, the club is paying the judge $10 per ride.

Karen lee motioned to have Bit and Spur send us a contract to look over for the overnight stabling option at the Bit and Spur grounds for the September schooling show and the club members electronically have a meeting to review the contract. Rachel Nale seconded the motion, passed unanimously.

Discussion of the trip to the Laura Graves Symposium was tabled to the next meeting.

New Business: The club was 9 days late with the insurance certificate for the Dressage Lite September show. Amy Schlieve was able to get the $200 late fee waived.

Denise Horstman motioned to adjourn the meeting, Karen Lee seconded, approved unanimously.

Next meeting is May 17th at noon.


3/8/20 Board Meeting Agenda

Noon, Sunday, March 8th, 2020

Exit 45 Restaurant (Exit 45 from I-94 in Menomonie, WI)


Call to order

Approval of minutes from Jan 12th meeting

Officer reports


Vice President



Old Business

I-page option for the website

Pick items for online store

Fall Show @ Marquart’s – Sept 12 & 13

Virtual show

Liz Graves

New member options

Any other old business

New Business

Any other new business

Set date for next meeting

Motion to adjourn