Minutes for West Wisconsin Dressage Association 7/8/2019

Board met at Exit 45 truck stop meeting room, Menomonie, WI
Board members present: Karen Lee, Angie Hutter, Pam Powers, Amy Schlieve. Fundraising Committee chair Denise Horstman.

I. Call to Order: President Lee called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.
II. Minutes read by Powers. Move to approve Hutter/Schlieve. Passes unanimously.
III. A. President: Lee nothing to report
B. Vice President: Hutter reported 21 members, one junior member.
C. Treasurer: Schlieve handed out report of income and expense. Total income $2,307.38. Expenses $3,390.56. Total cash on hand $5,326.47. Schooling expenses included ribbons and prizes. Moved by Powers.            Second by Hutter. Passes unanimously.
D. Secretary: Nothing to report
E. Fundraising Chair: Nothing to report
F. Education Chair: Nothing to report
III. Old Business:
A. Website option. Horstman will follow up and look into ipage. Powers moves Horstman to check into it and try and report back to the board in two months. Schlieve seconds. Passes unanimously.
B. Western dressage clinic. Lee reported Kris Hansen resigned for personal reasons. Danielle Koeppen has taken up the issue. Amy Larson has done a fair amount of western dressage teaching already. Powers                makes motion that we subsidize $40 per private lesson and $20 per semi-private lesson, the same as Kate Phillips, at R and R Ranch in Polk County for members for an Amy Larson clinic to be coordinated by                Koeppen. Hutter seconds. Passes unanimously.
C. English dressage clinic with Kate Phillips: Horstman reported it was a good turnout. Learned something different. Hutter said she liked the clinic non-pressure. Lee said Kate was very good with inexperienced                  horses and breaking down information.
D. Online store/Embroidery update: Schlieve noted River City stitch has two sites. One is in Prescott. Schlieve has given them the logo for screen printing. Lee will check with Rebecca Dennis on the online store and          getting it set up.
E. English schooling show/Western recognized show: Schlieve has the form for recognized Western Dressage. Powers moved to give Schlieve up to $100 to get recognized western dressage certification, since to              get it is higher than the original $35 approved. Hutter second. Passes unanimously. Show bill is ready. Lee will get it on Central States and will have Kristen Zuzek get it on website. Sign up Genie will be available            again.
IV. New Business
A. Discussion on scholarships versus clinics: Should the board consider doing more scholarships rather than funding clinics? The scholarships would allow to support both western and English dressage. Horstman              said she likes clinics and atmosphere. Powers said she can see advantage of having clinics to see other members. Schlieve said some members may not enjoy writing a report required by scholarship. Lee                      suggested reminding people if they cannot attend a clinic they could apply for scholarship.
B. Barron County 4-H has requested $50 for a sponsorship for the dressage program at their county fair. Schlieve moves approval. Hutter seconds. Passes unanimously. Schlieve will send money to Zuzek.
V. Set next meeting date: There will be a general meeting at noon on Sept. 14, 2019 as part of clean-up day for the schooling show on Sept. 15 at River Bluff Farm. Box will be put out for suggestions for the club during      the show to find out what attendees and members want to see club do. Hutter moves to have the club purchase Subway six-foot sub up to $50 for the general meeting and clean up crew. Schlieve seconds. Passes        unan.

Move to adjourn 7:15 p.m. Schlieve/Hutter. Passes unanimously.



West Wisconsin Dressage Association

6 p.m. Monday, July 8, Exit 45 Restaurant in Menomonie

Agenda  – Board of Directors meeting

I. Call to Order

II. Reports:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. Fundraising Committee
  6. Education Committee

III.  Old Business:

  1. Website option. Can anyone move current page to a new site?
  2. Western dressage clinic. Update on status of.
  3. English dressage clinic. Report on how it went.
  4. Online store/Embroidery update
  5. English schooling show/Western recognized show

IV. New Business:

  1. Discussion on scholarships versus clinics.
  2. Request for sponsorship – Barron County 4-H Horse Project – Dressage Classes at Fair

V. Set next meeting date

VI. Adjourn