West Wisconsin Dressage Association

Education Committee minutes

The meeting was held at Hay River Equestrian, N10735 370th St., Boyceville, Wi.

Attending: Chairwoman Angie Hutter, Clinic coordinator Karen Lee, Pam Powers, LeAnn Ralph in person. On the phone Kris Hansen.

The meeting was called to order by Hutter at 1:15 p.m. Minutes taken by Powers.

Clinic Rider Policy: Payment schedule was discussed. It was determined the 30-day window of payment prior to the clinic is appropriate. Lee made a motion to change under registration process: Call or email the clinic coordinator. If all slots are full a list of alternates will be kept. Complete details will be on the website including the address of the clinic coordinator. Payment must be received prior to the 30-day window to guarantee participation. Hansen seconds motion. Passes unanimously to be recommended to board of directors.

Clinic eligibility subsidy:  Lee discussed the need for volunteerism with the club to be eligible for clinic subsidy. Powers suggested “Volunteerism is expected to be eligible for a clinic subsidy.” Inserted prior to The Board of Directors of WWDA must make final approval… Hansen moves approval as presented. Ralph seconds. Passes unanimously to be recommended to board of directors.

Bylaws: Suggested change to Sect. 6. First line: “No director, officer or general member shall receive compensation for fulfilling her or his duties as a member of WWDA.” Hutter moves to make change as presented. Ralph seconds. Passes unanimously to be recommended to board of directors.

Clinic dates, locations: Lee discussed the proposed financial breakdown for Education in 2018. Estimated income $1,300, May schooling show $1,000, July schooling show, $1,000. Estimated income $3,300. Estimated expenses web page $350, insurance $700, misc. $150. Total $1,200. Proposed clinic support $2,200. Possible free mini clinics Karen Lee, Michelle Markquart, Kris Hansen western dressage demo. Jane Ayers clinic June 30 – July 1. Cost per ride $150. Subsidized $95. Lientje Schueler Clinic (July) Cost per ride $200. Subsidized $137.50. The committee reached the consensus to take the financial breakdown to the board for the board’s discussion. Lee’s will be May 31 at Hay River Equestrian. Hansen’s will be June 14 at Hansen’s Prospect Ranch. Both will start at 3 p.m. Markquart’s is tentatively set up for July 26 at Hay River Equestrian. 3 p.m.

 It was discussed possibly doing a Western Dressage Clinic in 2019 at the Leatherdale Center. The Education Committee reached consensus it is something they would support. It will be brought up at the June Board of Directors meeting. Hansen will seek information to share with the Board of Directors in June.

Education ideas for general meetings. Hutter discussed four- to six-hour lessons. Using goals to improve training and making success simple. Reading articles and discuss them. An informal discussion of stumbling blocks people may be having. Lee suggested emailing one out. Committee reached consensus to try it and see if there is interest and to have them become part of the mini-clinics with Hansen and Lee. Hutter will send out the articles to members.

Trail ride been proposed, just a walking and trotting one. Fun day with horses. Group outing for club members possibly Action City. Ideas will be brought to the board for input.

Move to adjourn. Lee first. Hansen second. Passes unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Pam Powers
Acting Secretary for the Education Committee
West Wisconsin Dressage Association
Education Committee Meeting
Saturday April 14, 2018
Hay River Equestrian
N10735 370th St.
Boyceville, WI 54725
1. Update WWDA clinic rider policy
2. Review and update clinic bylaws for vote at next Board of Directors meeting
3. Review and set up clinic dates, location and clinicians.
     a. Volunteer and paid clinician clinics.
     a. designate duties of assistant at clinics per clinic coordinator directive.
4. Discuss education ideas to be done at club general member meetings.
    a. USDF learning lessons for GMO’s.
           1. Finding and creating opportunities.
           2. Using goals to improve training.
           3. Making Success Simple.
5.       Trail ride for club members. (Walk and minimal trotting on ride)
6.      Fun day with horses: team of experienced and less experienced horse and rider combinations.
7.       Non horse fun day for club members.
8.       Group outing for club members.