Minutes from the November 18, 2017, annual meeting and awards presentations at Connie Balow’s home.

In attendance: Karen Lee, Monica Berrier, Amy Schlieve, Connie Balow, Angie Hutter, Pam Powers, LeAnn Ralph, Connor Cook and Kristin Zuzek.

Pam called the meeting to order.


President: Pam said that the last two years were wonderful and we accomplished a lot. This year for example: three mini clinics, two schooling shows and Leinjte clinic.

Vice President: Connie felt that the western dressage was very successful and wish they would join. She made the suggestion that a separate fund be made for them to do their own clinic or education.

Secretary: no report

Treasurer: We have $2,126.15 in checking and $2,642.44 in savings with a net worth of $4,768.59.  This was a break even year with the education aspect. The yearly dues for the club, Karen was going to hold until 12/1 when the new year starts. The clinic cost $4,200 but WWDA would like to have people pay seven days in advance so no one gets missed in paying. There was discussion about the auditors needing to pay and how that will be handled. The club is thankful for Dave Markquart in letting us use his facilities. A motion to approve the report was made by Angie and seconded by LeAnn. Carried.

Old Business: Baron county 4-H club was thankful that the club sponsored the dressage class and judge. Kristin reported that she feels it has expanded to offer more classes next year.

The Leinjte clinic went well. The club paid for the shavings ahead of time for $42. The talk of auditors was to have them prepaid and then there will be an increase if they show up the day of the clinic. There was a motion by Karen and seconded by Connor to pass this to the education committee to figure out a way to best handle auditors.

New Business: A motion to unanimously approve the nomination of officers was made by LeAnn and seconded by Karen. Carried.

The officers are:

President-Connie Balow

Vice-president-Angie Hutter

Treasurer-Karen Lee

Secretary-Amy Schlieve

Board members- Pam Powers, Monica Berrier and LeAnn Ralph

Show secretary/manager-Amy Schlieve

The education committee is going to be handled by Karen Lee and fund raising is going to be handled by Lucy Lammer.

2017 year end awards:

Training level junior champion: Connor Cook with Humble Hazel of 67.05%

Training level junior reserve champion: Taylor Zuzek with Royal Valiant Trooper of 66.859%

First level junior champion: Payton Gilbertson with Ice Box Frost of 63.947%

Intro leve senior champion: Pam Powers with Humble Hazel of 64.406%

Training level senior champion: Karen Lee with Palisades Dream Boy of 65.97%

First level senior champion: Karen Lee with Gabriella of 65.951%

Fourth level senior champion: Karen Lee with Bacara of 64.286%

Prix St Georges level senior champion: Karen Lee with Bacara of 62.86%

Grand Prix level senior champion: Karen Lee with JB Anzac of 60.3%

Possible clinician for next year is Shelly Reichert.

An item for the fund raising committee is to raise the prices of the food for the schooling shows. Also, maybe a plant sale that has brought in $1000 for other organizations.

A suggestion for coolers for next year end of the year awards.

The next meeting is February 3rd at 5:00 pm for fund raising, 5:30 for education and 6:00 for the general meeting at Connie Balow’s house.

A motion adjourn was made by Karen and seconded by Monica. Carried.



West Wisconsin Dressage Association annual meeting and awards presentations

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 1 p.m.

Connie Balow’s home.  Please contact Connie for directions.

Connie’s address; N6771 530th St., Menomonie 54751

  1. Call to Order
  2. Reports
  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Any other reports
  1. Old Business
  1. Leinjte Schuler Clinic
  2. Any other old business
  1. New Business
  1. Election of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, show secretary/manager, three at-large board members.
  2. Presentation of 2017 awards.
  3. Any other new business

Please bring a dish to pass for the luncheon.