Minutes from the June 3rd board of directors at Monica Berrier’s house.

In attendance: Karen Lee, Monica Berrier, Amy Schlieve, Angie Hutter, Pam Powers and LeAnn Ralph.

Board meeting was called to order by Angie.

Approval of minutes from last meetings: The March 24th meeting minutes was approved by Pam and seconded by Monica.


President: Connie resigned as president. Pam approved the resignation and seconded by Karen. Pam made a motion to have Angie as the acting new president but keep her vice president role and vote until the November election. This was seconded by Monica.

Vice President: The membership form has some bad dates on it. Pam is going to retype so it can be updated to the website.

Treasurer: We have $7,793.97 in checking and $2,646.32 in savings with a net worth of $10,445.29.  We haven’t gotten the bill from Gerten’s yet. The flower sale brought in $4,135.75 and the estimated bill will be $2,793.64 so the income from the sale will be $1,342.11. The report was approved by Pam and seconded by Monica.

Secretary: nothing

 Fundraising committee: Lucy resigned as the fundraising chair. Pam approved the resignation  and seconded by LeAnn. Karen made a motion to have Monica as the new chair and seconded by LeAnn. If next time we do the same fundraiser we should look at maybe using a local flower center to avoide the shipping cost and more reasonable prices. Karen worked a lot of hours on the financial side for the flower sale. If we want to continue this we should look now at them with reasonable effort, and also allows distance members to be able to particiate. Monica is going to make a couple of calls. Pam made a motion to accept the initial draft of the flower sale report and seconded by Monica.

Education committee:  Angie has some fun activites planned for future meeting like a question from USDF and to have members share their thoughts. Pam made a motion to move the Jayne Ayers’s clinic to Hay River Equestrian and seconded by LeAnn. Jayne Ayers is going to be $65/ride for members and $125/ride for non-members. Pam made a motion to subsidy up to $1750 total and seconded by LeAnn. We aren’t sure if Lientje is going to be come to the US this year. Kris was going to check with Cyril about a Western Dressage clinic in 2019. We had a mini clinic with Karen on May 30th and two more to come with Kris Hansen and Michelle Markquart. We need to look at doing these mini clinics next year to see if people are interested in doing them.

Schooling Show: People like to have the food stand manned instead of on your honor. We made a profit of $2,000. There was interest in having a two day show but Dave Markquart is not interested in having a two day show at his place. Pam made a motion to have some tables purchased for our use and Amy seconded. Monica was going to get five large and one small tables and store them.

Old Business: The motion to have Kristin as the webmaster was made by Pam and Monica seconded.

New Business:  The motion to support Barron County 4-H dressage for $50 was made by LeAnn and seconded by Amy

The next board of directors meeting need to vote on a bylaw change to section 6, 1st line-no director, officer or general member shall receive compensation as a member of WWDA.

The next general meeting is at the July schooling show during the hour lunch break for feedback of 2018 and social events for next year.

The meeting was motioned to close by Pam and Monica seconded.

West Wisconsin Dressage Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Sunday June 3, 2018 1:00pm

Monica Berrier’s house

1918 Trimble trail

Menomonie, WI 54751

  1. Call to order

  2. Roll call

  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting

  4. Reports

President’s report

a. 2018 President resignation report to Board

b. appoint acting/new President for rest of 2018

Vice President report

Treasurer’s report

Secretary Report

Fundraising committee

a. committee chair resignation

b. appoint new committee chair

If any general members are interested in becoming new chair please let me know


c.. Financial report for flower sale

Education committee- Chair Angie Hutter, Clinic Coordinator- Karen Lee.

a. Clinicians dates and location

          1. Jayne Ayers clinic June 30-July 1st Cost per ride $150., subsidized $95

            at River Bluff Farm. $ 900 total subsidized from club

          2. Lientje schueler clinic (July) Date and cost to be announced when clinic date is set.

          3. Cyril Pittion-Roussillon $200 total club subsidized-Western Dressage clinic.

            Kris Hansen checking to see about possible clinic with him in 2019.

            subsidized by club.

          4. Free min clinics: Karen Lee May 31st. 3:00 pm-Hay River Equestrian

            Kris Hansen June 14th 3:00pm at Hansen’s Prospect Ranch.

            Michelle Marquart (July 26 ?? Hay River equestrian

          5. Contact Kris regarding June 14th clinic -kkbhansenAaol.com

            Contact Karen Lee for clinic on May 31st and Michelle Marquardt July 26th as well as Jane Ayers clinic -karenlee22@gmail .com

            second contact for any clinic would be me Angie at apphorse@nelson-tel.net. BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME DURING THE WEEK IS VIA PHONE 715-495-5266.

          6. Fun day for the club: proposed day at Action City in Eau Claire, Palates class,

            group trip to show jumping competition in fall at Minnesota Fair.

Schooling show report- Amy Schieve show manger

            1. profit from show

            2. profit from food stand $ 250, people at show preferred food stand to have

              people manning it.

Misc: $ 250.00 from Marquart family generosity with donating horse clothing club sold at show.

3. Discussion for July 22 schooling show at River Bluff Farm

V. Any Old Business

            1. change/appoint web master

  1. Any new business

    1. Update membership form on website.

    2. discussion for qualification for volunteer of the year award.

  1. Set next Meeting, Place and Time

    1. date of general membership meeting

  2. Adjourn