Minutes from the August 25th with general meeting with a board of directors following

In attendance: Karen Lee, Kris Hansen, Lucy Lammer, Amy Schlieve, Angie Hutter, Pam Powers and LeAnn Ralph with a guest of Meg.

General meeting was called to order by Angie.

Approval of minutes from last general meeting needs to be approved at the next general meeting since the minutes were not there to be approved.


President: Angie reported on a letter from George Williams about possibly raising the dues for 2020.

Vice President: We have 27 members. Kristin updated the membership form.

Treasurer: We have $2976.23 in checking and $2654.42 in savings with a net worth of $5630.65. The report will be approved at the board of directors meeting.

Secretary: nothing

Schooling Show: The schooling show was rescheduled for October 14th. Amy sent the revised date to the judge. The suggestion was made to have a online sign up for volunteers and food.

The feedback on this year from the club members was that it has been a busy year.

Tentative plans for next year: One to two schooling shows in 2019. A show in May and perhaps change the second one for later in the year. There are pros and cons for having an early and later show. The idea of having one weekend for both shows was also suggested.

Western dressage clinic: Kris proposed not having the clinic in April because of weather and move it to June. She is going to get some numbers together about how much is would cost to host a clinic and bring that information back to the board. Kris was thinking about having the clinic at the Leatherdale on the University of Minnesota campus since Western dressage is growing in the area, but thinks that it might be too soon for that big of a venue.

Master saddle fitter: There was discussion about if we want to have a master saddle fitter come and do a talk but not charge for attendance. We don’t want to have someone come in and endorse a certain brand of saddle, so maybe we would do a panel of different saddle fitters instead. It was decided to have the education committee look into this event.

The general meeting was motioned to close by Karen and LeAnn seconded.


Board of directors meeting was called to order by Angie.

The treasurer’s report was approved by Pam and seconded by LeAnn.

The secretary’s minutes was approved by Pam and seconded by Karen.

The bylaw change to section 6, 1st line “no director, officer, or general member shall receive compensation as a member of WWDA” was approved by Amy and seconded by Karen.

We would like to thank some people for their sevice to the club. We will be having cake at the schooling show for Dave Markquart. Pam made a motion to have a full sheet cake not to exceed $45 and it was seconded by Karen.

Private message Amy for nomination for volunteer of the year and why you feel this person should be the volunteer of the year.

The next education committee meeting is September 21st at 6 pm at Exit 45 Resturant and Bakery.

The annual meeting will be at Amy’s house on November 18th at 1 pm.

The board of directors meeting was motioned to close by Pam and Karen seconded.


8/25/18 General meeting agenda.

  1. Call to order.
  2. Roll call
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting.
  4. Report’s:

President’s Report.

Vice President Report.

Treasurer’s Report.

Secretary’s Report.

  1. Schooling show set for October 14th at River Bluff Farm’s.
  2. feedback on this year from club members.
  3. Tentative plan’s for club events for next year:
    • 1-2 usual schooling shows. May and perhaps change the second show date  to later in the year.
    • Kris Hansen is interested in hosting a WWDA subsidized western dressage clinic in late April of next year.
    • Also hosting a club event classical Western and English riding with master saddle fitter. With Master saddle fitter Cordia Pearson from Stacey MN.

Club members please start thinking about nominations for next year’s officer’s and board of Director’s.

We will vote on these at the November general and board of director’s meeting, early in the month.


Board of Director’s meeting:

  1. Need to vote on bylaw change to section 6, !st line- no director, officer, or general member shall receive compensation as a member of WWDA.
  2. Review on any issues that may come up at the general meeting.
  3. Discuss volunteer of the year award??