Minutes from the March 4, 2017, board of directors meeting held at home of Amy Schlieve at 1:00 pm.

In attendance: Karen Lee, Monica Berrier, Amy Schlieve, Connie Balow, Angie Hutter, Pam Powers.

Pam called the meeting to order.

Motion made by Monica and seconded by Connie to approve minutes from the last meeting. Carried.


President: no report

Vice President: We have a total of 18 members, we had four new members join since last meeting.

Secretary: no report

Treasurer: The changing of banks has been completed with the last item being the CD moved to WestConsin Bank in December. We have $1,037.04 in checking and $3,033.97 in savings which includes the CD from Bank Mutual. The net worth is $4,060.98. We have a lot of up front expenses to get ready for the schooling show which included $447.30 for ribbons for the two shows. Motion made by Monica to approve the treasurer report and seconded by Angie. Carried.

Finance/education committee: Lynette from Lost Creek Farm has agreed to do a free clinic on Western dressage. Connie is going to work out a date that works for Lynette. Karen was going to check with Michelle to see if she would be interested in doing another free clinic. Karen is going to check with the insurance to see if having two half day free clinics could count as one day for insurance.

There was also interest in a Jayne Ayers clinic which she focuses on rider position and is good with beginner riders. She also helps with Grand Prix riders. She would be about $115-125 per lesson which includes travel coming from Milwaukee. There is a possible grant from USDF for GMO to host adult amateur education which one item is a ride-a-test. We thought it would be a good idea for her to do a ride-a-test since she is on the test writing committee. A motion was made by Connie and seconded by Monica to host her in March 2018 .

We also talked about having Amanda Johnson back but she doesn’t know her schedule until mid-March. Amy made a motion to have WWDA subsidize a clinic with Amanda up to $400 and this was seconded by Monica. There will also be an upfront deposit for the riders prior to the clinic.

Another idea was to watch Conrad Schumacher at Temple Farms in Illinois.

Also, Nora Moses has agreed to do a chiropractic demonstration at some meeting.

Old Business: Schooling show is coming up. There was talk about the volunteers that are needed for help with running the show and donating food.

  • Monica volunteered to scribe all day
  • Connie volunteered to be ring steward and bring a case of water
  • Angie volunteered to make the sloppy joes and run the food stand
  • Pam and Karen are going to clean the weekend before and bring two cases of pop
  • Amy will check with Michelle about how many stalls and paddocks are available and get approval from NEWDA

New Business: The next meeting is scheduled for after the schooling show, May 7th.

Karen made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Connie seconded. Carried.

There was time to go through the old newletters and records from the beginning of when the club started. We kept some of the important years and the rest was recycled. Also, Karen and Pam took many photo album books to post some on our facebook page.





WWDA Board of Directors Meeting


March 4, 2017

1 p.m.

515 E. Polk Ave., Eau Claire

(Home of Amy Schlieve)

• Call to order

• Roll Call

• Approval of Minutes

• Reports

A. President

B. Vice President

C. Secretary

D. Treasurer

E. Finance/Education Committee

• Old Business

A. Schooling Shows/planning

B. Any other old business

• New Business

A. Set future meetings (including general meetings)

B. Other programming we may want to have this year.

• Adjourn

Immediately flowing the business meeting the board will be going through memorabilia from WWDA and determining disposition of items.

Please note we will also have lunch. If you wish to bring an item to pass, please do. We have lots of soup.