1:00 pm, Sunday, January 12th 2020 Meeting Notes 

Exit 45 Restaurant (Exit 45 from I-94 in Menomonie, WI)

Members Present: Angie Hutter, Kris Bloom, Pam Powers, Denise Horstman, Karen Lee, Amy Schlieve,
Nyla Newville, Rachel Nale

Education Committee
Meeting Called to order by Denise Horstman
Pam Powers nominated Angie Hutter as education chair, seconded by Karen Lee, and passed unanimously. Karen Lee will help with organizing clinics.
USDF has a link to the podcast “Dressage Radio Show” We feel it has good content and will put a link on the WWDA Website to help members access the podcast. Denise Horstman will also try to visit the GMO president message board to see if it is useful.
Carel Eiknaar also has a blog on facebook every Saturday.
Karen Lee Proposed planning a group trip to the Laura Graves dressage symposium at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wi on October 24-25,2020. Auditing costs are about $55 per day, club will consider subsidizing auditing costs for WWDA members. We will look into costs to rent a van to transport everyone.
Pam powers motioned to adjourn meeting
Denise Horstman adjourned meeting

Finance Committee
Meeting called to order by Amy Schlieve.
Pam Powers motioned to approve minutes from last meeting, seconded by Angie Hutter.
Pam Powers Nominated Angie Hutter for Finance committee chairperson, seconded by Karen Lee, passed unanimously.
Schooling Show: discussed having only one regular schooking show in 2020 and a spring virtual schooling show. Karen lee suggested keeping the western dressage light section of the regular schooling show. Talked about hiring an “L” graduate judge to become eligible show for the regional schooling show championships. We are hoping this will help to increase entries at the show. Also considering having a two day show with one day being traditional dressage and one day western dressage. Also discussed having Karen Lee as the judge for the western dressage portion of the show. Discussed schooling show dates of September 12-13,2020 at River Bluff Farm. We will contact the Eau Claire bit and Spur club about stabling horses at their showgrounds for the show. We will look into costs etc. We looked into the costs of holding a show at the St Croix county fairground and found it to be cost prohibitive. We will consider holding a show there in the future, we would need a lot of entries to cover extra costs.
No progress on Website changover. Online embroidery store tabled until next meeting.
Insurance: $548 annual premium covers 4 days of clinics, at $50 per day, and 2 horse shows at $124 per day.
We need to order more ribbons for the schooling show, especially blue ribbons. Amy Schlieve would like to make the order now to get a discount on our order.
Discussed adding a horse nomination fee for year end awards instead of raising club membership fees.

Board Meeting
Call to Order by Denise Horstman
Old business:
Angie Hutter motioned to approve the minutes from the November 2019 meeting. Seconded by Amy Schlieve. Passed unanimously.
Officer reports:
Vice President’s Report: We have 11 members. Website switching to being hosted by I-page. membership fees will not be raised, but members will have to nominate horses for year-end award.
Ideas to attract new members: consider discounted entry fees for members, better year-end awards for members, putting up a membership info table at the show.
Pam Powers motioned to host a virtual Dressage show in the spring, seconded by Karen Lee. Tentative dates would be competitors could video their rides from may1st-15th. Videos turned in by May 15th. Videos give to judge on May 16th. Results back to club by May 30th.
Angie Hutter motioned to approve of Vice president’s report, Karen Lee seconded.
Treasurer’s report: Total Cash on hand $6,509.76, need to order ribbons for shows.
Karen lee motioned to approve treasurer’s report, seconded by Pam Powers.
Secretary’s Report: minutes from last meeting posted on website, Kris Bloom motioned to accept secretary’s report, seconded by Karen Lee.
New Business:
Karen Lee motioned to order show ribbons including strip ribbon for virtual show, seconded by Pam Powers. Amy Schlieve will order ribbons.
Pam Powers nominated Amy Schlieve as show manager, Seconded by Denise Horstman, passed unanimously.
Denise Horstman motioned for the board of directors meeting and all other committee meetings be consolidated to one meeting until such time that the club has 25 or more members, Seconded by Karen Lee, Passed unanimously.
Next meeting : March 8, 2020 at noon at Exit 45 Café in Menomonie, WI
Pam Powers motioned to adjourn meeting, seconded by Kris Bloom, Passed unanimously.