Attendees: Denise Horstman, Karen Lee, Pam Powers, Kris Bloom, Rachel Nale, Amy Schlieve, Angie Hutter

Denise Horstman called the meeting to order.

Secretary’s Report: Rachel forgot to post meeting notes for the May meeting on the website, we will wait until the next meeting to approve the minutes from the May meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  We received a $48 refund from our insurance company for dropping a show day.  Web page expenses have increased.  June virtual show profit was $189.68. Pam Powers motioned to approve the treasurer’s report, Karen Lee seconded, approved unanimously.

Old Business;

Denise will pay the $5.00 out of her pocket to try out a new website hosting company to see if we want to switch hosting companies to reduce expenses.

Karen Lee motioned to add 20% to the price of the WWDA logo merchandise on the online store to create revenue for the club.   A Base color of Gray with a choice of White or burgundy Logo was also suggested for apparel items. Amy Schlieve seconded motion, passed unanimously.

Pam Powers motioned to hold the September schooling show  as a virtual show  due to  concerns over holding a physical on-site show during the covid-19 pandemic. Virtual show submission dates would be September 3rd-13th.Denise seconded motion and motion was approved unanimously.

New Business:

Karen Lee suggested we invite Gail Tesch to hold a mini clinic for club members in early October.  Members would get a free 30 minute lesson from Gail. 

We will look into methods we could use to be able to electronically accept membership and show entry payments online. Bring any info to the next meeting

Nest Meeting: October 11th at 7:30pm

Denise Horstman adjourned meeting.