West Wisconsin Dressage Association annual meeting 

Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019 Exit 45 Menomonie Wis.

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. by President Karen Lee

Members present: Stephanie Powers, Rebecca Dennis, Kristin Zuzek, Angie Hutter, Lee, Denise Horstman, Amy Schlieve, Rachel Nale, Pam Powers

Reports: President: Lee reviewed the Kate Phillips clinic in June, schooling show and western dressage lite show in September. Should be proud that we added a western dressage show lite this year. USDF $4 increase this. No scholarship applications this year. Hope to do more in 2020. Thanked all the volunteers this year.

Vice President: Angie Hutter past out membership forms. Talked about $4 increase from USDF membership, which is a 20% increase. Local dues to be decided at a board meeting.

Secretary: Approved annual meeting minutes from 2018. Lee/Dennis Approved unanimously.

Treasurer; Schlieve reported on financials, including funding earned for schooling show. Treasurer report moved for approval Pam Powers/Hutter. Approved unanimously.

Old Business: Kate Phillips clinic was popular in 2019. The club is thinking about doing something similar, although clinician would need to be determined, in 2020.

There was discussion on changing the web site company. It will be decided at a board meeting.

New Business: None.

Election of officers, all unanimous and unopposed:

President: Denise Horstman

Vice President: Angie Hutter

Secretary: Rachel Nale

Treasurer and Show Secretary: Amy Schlieve

Three at-large board members: Karen Lee, Kris Hanson, Pam Powers

Year end award: Volunteer of the Year went to LeAnn Ralph and Connor Cook.

Intro: Rachel Nale

Training: Stephanie Powers and Rachel Nale (reserve)

First: Kristin Zuzek and Stephanie Powers (reserve)

Second: Kristin Zuzek

Third: Danielle Koeppen

Adjourned: 2:30 p.m.


Board of Directors Meeting 11/17/2019 

Members present:  Stephanie Powers, Rebecca Dennis, Kristin Zuzek, Angie Hutter, Lee, Denise Horstman, Amy Schlieve, Rachel Nale, Pam Powers

Meeting called to order by President Denise Horstman

Schooling shows

Discussion of Schooling Show options for 2020. Discussed holding a show at St. Croix County Fairgrounds, will look into available weekends for spring 2020 show and costs for renting show ground and stalls etc.

  • Pam Powers motioned to appoint Amy Schlieve as show manager, Karen Lee seconded, passed unanimously.
  • Discussion of need for volunteer coordinator. Rachel Nale volunteered, Pam Powers motioned to appoint Rachel Nale as volunteer coordinator, seconded by Kristen Zuzek, passed unanimously


Discussion about trying to find cheaper website hosting company to reduce website expense.

  • Pam Powers motioned to appoint Kristin Zuzek as web master, seconded by Karen Lee, passed unanimously. Kristin will check out new hosting options and Denise Horstman will help with website hosting change over.

Next meeting date set for January 12th at noon at exit 45 Restaurant in Menomonie, WI.

Pam Powers Motioned to adjourn meeting, seconded by Karen Lee